I seem to be doing an awful lot of audio posts – but, here is another: eagle eyed readers of this blog may be aware that I have the good fortune to run a wee label called Focused Silence. I write about it here.

As part of the record label, I present a radio show of tunes that inspire and provoke the label. Here below is an example of the radio show –

Now then, I was just recovering from Tonsillitis when I recorded this – I do not normally sound so husky. It is fair to say that the heady mix of anti-biotics and good IPA wrecked havoc with the links, but it was good to be able to speak again.

I try and record each show every Monday at Creao Studio in Harrogate – I may be asked to build them a site as a way of saying thanks for the the use of said building but more on that later.


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