The Gaffa Tapes

The Gaffa Tapes will be a series of DJ Mixes. What is quite nice about them is that I mix them from Cassettes Decks. Yes, Cassette DJ Mixes – not Cassettes of DJ Mixes. See, I have a pair of Marantz PMD 201 cassette decks (complete with VU Meters!) and I am allowed to use the mixer at Creao Studio. This has given me no excuse to not have a go at it – well, if I ever run out of cassettes that’d be a valid excuse …

The idea is to give an option and an incentive for sponsors of The Parish News to chip in and be rewarded – if someone sponsors me US$5/month they will receive the right to stream two Cassette DJ Mixes by my good self. It is kind of an incentive for me to get up to Creao Studio and an incentive to play. An incentive to have fun and not work all the time.

The mixes will last 30-45ish minutes and be a cacophony of hiss, crackles and pops.

I recorded the first ever attempt at it and it has had some success – as I write, it is 64th in the Global Experimental DJ Charts and 7th in the Noise Charts. N’bad for a newb! Here it is …



I hope to be doing a lot more of them later down the line. It will be behind a paywall on Patreon – so, eventually, you will have to sponsor me to listen to the mixes … but, until then … The Cassette only DJ mixes will be made public until I think I am good enough to earn the right to charge people money for this. They will all be housed HERE – that is, if you want to check out both the free and the paid versions.

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