I’ve been experimenting with normal music recently. Dub.

I had the pleasure of playing RETRO Bar a few years ago with my specially selected riddims and it proved a hit – if you have been visiting this blog for a bit you will know I took a break from DJ’ing to focus on production.

However, I am back in the frame of mind for DJ’ing and I have found a new system where by you can sell your mixes to the public. Late as ever to the party, I discovered what could be seen as the best kept secret in Dub; Beatport Mixes.

The idea is that you knock together a mix, upload the MP3 and hope people will listen to it. And, they have – I am currently Number 3 in the Reggae Charts for Beatport Mixes. Not bad! Here is the mix –



I have uploaded two mixes to the site and at first I thought it was the most recent mix that had charted – See, I came home from the pub very, very drunk; did a quick scan of my social media (as you do – Congratulations Matt & Jess) and saw on Beatport that I had a top 10 hit. I figured “WTF!” and then went blindly rambling on about it to all who would listen – including what could have been an embarrassing FB episode.

However, I have reached Number three in the Beatport Reggae Charts for the mix above, the Roots Rub-A-Dub Mix.

I then looked even closer at the stats and apparently all you need for a Top Three hit is 18 views and one download. So, Kingston does not quite beckon yet. However, One of my other mixes (on Mixcloud) got to 70 in the Mixcloud charts for Dub – Not bad at all.

So, I am getting ready for bed tonight with a headache (beer) and a slight sense of sheepishness. HashtagWhatATwat.

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