Studio One Selection

Uploaded a mix when I should have been preparing for the World Cup (watching – not playing). Most of the tracks are a selection from Studio One – it is just a short, 30-minute mix – no harm done – here is the playlist:

Artist / Song

Count Machuki / More Scorcha (Original Mix)
Dennis Alcapone / Power Version (Original Mix)
Dillinger / Natty King Fu (Original Mix)
Jah Scotchie / Man of Creation (Original Mix)
Jah Buzz / Love in the Arena (Original Mix)
Prince Francis / Street Doctor (Original Mix)
Prince Jazzbo / Crime Don’t Pay (Original Mix)


(Plus, there is the Paramount Logotone in there too).

Himself Written by:

A Harrogate Blog - Written By A Harrogate Blogger. Andy Is Harrogate's Chief Procrastinator. A Full-Time 'Funny Little Man.' By day an award-winning web designer, Andy has a hand in several music projects - including being in a chart-topping producer duo and he runs his own record label.

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