I have a radio show called The Parish News that gets broadcast every Wednesday at 11pm on the station called Sound Art Radio. The show lasts two hours and is a lot of fun to do. When I tuned in to my show tonight (only the second time I have done so) I was shocked at the quality of my presenting – I was really terrible!

I had been listening back to each show after recording on my monitor earphones – not my bass-heavy hifi. Hearing the broadcast go out on my hifi was a real eye (ear) opener.

I need to slow my speech down and not mumble.

The speech part was a mumble – what a mumble – that was completely un-intelligible in parts. The music was excellent though.

However, it is a bit of an earlier show – the Fourteenth Edition of The Parish News – and I was nervous as Hell. I did not have a microphone set-up at the time, however, ASAV have stepped in and Allan Smyth (of the Audio Visual) has helped me by pointing me in the direction of Dynamic Mics as opposed to Condenser Mics.

See, I live in a very noisy environment – the traffic streams past my antiquated windows and there is much tooting and revving. The Dynamic Microphone allows the excess outside noise to not be picked up. With a Condenser Mic I had to heavily edit the show so that the traffic remained at a distance.

Tonight I uploaded the Twenty Second Edition of The Parish News to Mixcloud – the ‘Future of Radio’ is how the site describes itself; now I have listened back to my show, I know I am not. Well, here is the latest edition –


As you can hear from the recording, it still needs a lot of work doing to the presentation of the tracks – but, it is better than the Fourteenth Edition of The Parish News. If you want to hear a catalogue of disaster, please head over to my radio show’s page at Focused Silence (my record label).

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