Well, one of the projects I have been working on has come to fruition – other than that, well, I am afraid I am going to have to keep a lid on it. Let’s just say: fun.

Other than that, not much has been done this last weekend. I did not sleep a great deal (three hours over the whole weekend) and feeling sorry for myself the rest of the time. As everything is swings and round-abouts, I put in a good 12 hour doze on Sunday evening and have yet to head back to sleep. Ho hum.

However, I have had a chance to do the weekly podcast I get up to most weekends.

I record The Parish News every Sunday or Monday evening and then master it in the same evening – it is a good laugh and I have got to the point where people send me their music to play.

Here is this week’s edition:


Much of a muchness, really. All of the tracks are new to me – they were sent by artists or PR firms to my box in the past week. Do you want the track listing?



Splitter Orchester & Felix Kubin / Shine On You Crazy Diagram / 04 – B2 Felix Kubin – Lichtsplitter / 11:48
Jos Smolders / Nowhere: Exercises in Modular Synthesis and Field Recording / NowHere / 7:49
Oto Hiax / s/t / Insh / 2:30
Elisabeth Smalt / Subvoice / 4_Music for Viola / 11:53
Marcus Fjellström / Skelektikon / Boy With Wound / 5:08
Nakama / Most Intimate / Most Initmate / 4:31
Muddersten / Karpatklokke / Høstfloks / 6:18
Kleefstra / Bakker / Kleefstra / Dize / Moannegat / 14:08
Chistian Bouchard / Broken Ground / Ideal Strength / 4:57
Angelina Yershova / Resonance Night / Sweet Glissando / 6:39
London’s all-Australian chamber orchestra Ruthless Jabiru / Textile / -06- Sandhi Prakash / 9:45
Andreas Usenbenz / Bells Breath / 3 Study II / 7:00
Myra Davies / Sirens / Armand Monroe / 5:51
Olivia Louvel / Data Regina / Elizabeth Song / 4:26
Harry Sumner / Earth (Listening) / Black Bird Social Club (Cumbria) / 2:04
Sun Ra / Second Star To The Right: Salute To Walt Disney / Second Star To The Right / 9:56

Thanks for listening!

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