I have had a bit of luck with radio – not as much as the famous Andy Backhouse – but, still.

I have presented The Parish News for over a year now and made a lot of friends in the process // I piloted Harrogate Alternative Radio (now defunct), and I produce Scoob’s Sound of Wonder. Not bad. It’s a great hobby that gets me out of the house and into the world.

However, I have started a new show – roots reggae!

I figure I have had a bit of success as a producer in the reggae arena – see my band’s site www.guerrilladubsystem.co.uk for more information on that. We have had two number ones and a number two hit in the charts – but, it is nowhere close to sustaining me musically.

Yes, I also have a label (two – if you count the reggae label I have an oar in, Allan?).

However, I have had a great few days recently. I knocked together a few playlists and put out some shows. They are embedded on PRX.org where people can chip in to try and get the show on their Network. I might earn money from the radio!

All of the shows are mashed down into twenty-minute segments – I do not know why stations would want it like that, but it could make it easy for adverts etc. I have left it so that people can edit the shows how they see fit. Might earn a few beers out of it!

I have put together a demo for the show. I figure that as all of the shows (there are three of them at the minute) are in twenty-minute chunks, I would take a piece from each of the shows, and this would make up an hour. I will include it above.

The excitement of the show also gave rise to new artwork – I took photos of Space Suits (royalty free) and messed them about a bit. I blogged about it on my work blog (www.andybackhouse.com) but here is the artwork –

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