As a Reggae DJ/Producer, I have a radio show. My band is called Guerrilla Dub System and we have had some success in the charts. However, when I make the radio show “Roots Conversation” I am on my lonesome and my producer partner leaves me be.

Roots Conversation is Guerrilla Dub System’s radio show. On the shows, I play music that has helped shape and inspire our success in the charts – everything from Ska & Rock-Steady to Digital Dub & Ragga. Presented as a DJ mix with a soundboard and synthesised speech, the show lasts for exactly one hour.

Roots Conversation is available to play on your network – if you have a gap in your programming schedule. If you are keen on listening to the back-catalogue of shows and checking out how to get Roots Conversation on your station then head over to this link HERE.

I have reached Episode #10 in the series and it is proving to be a lot of fun – I normally recorded the shows in either Creao Studio or at my place, using headphones. The response has been varied but the show has a collection of dedicated listeners. Here is Episode #10 for your ears:


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