I am sat here in the early hours of a Sunday morning with a cold one (Wife-Beater – 5%) having had a frustrating hour.

See, my track was played on BBC Introducing York and I have spent the past hour trying to rip it off iPlayer on to something a bit more permanent – Thankfully, SoundFlower came to my rescue.

Ha! Yes, you did read that correctly – my track, as Guerrilla Dub System, got airtime on the BBC!

I am the main person (most of the time I am the only person) behind Guerrilla Dub System – I call it Guerrilla Dub System because to start out with there were two of us – Andi & myself. This was so that we could pop out for a fag (cigarette – one for the Trans-Atlantic Cousins) and the other And(i/y) could cover.

This really did not work out as Andi now lives 7 hours drive away and I have been solo for years – just with the name of a collective – lets face it, with my tonnes-of-fun physique there is enough of me to be a collective.

I had been messing about with an old copy of Logic 7 for a few years, making Ambient tracks and not really getting anywhere – to me it was just about making a noise – a short-cut if you would for maximum artistic expression with minimum know-how (and it sounded terrible). However, I invested in a copy of Logic Pro X and the result is DUB HORNS – I got my chops together and thought about producing a dub reggae track.

Below is my first attempt at producing a dub reggae track (ever) and it got played on the BBC! Jericho Keys from the Introducing Show on BBC York sounded like he thought it was okay – I reckon I may carry on with having a go at producing this sort of music – I have been told by people (my Mum) that it is quite an achievement (Dad didn’t like it).

So, should I carry on with what I am doing? Yes! Yes, I should – I am over the moon that my first ever reggae track is out there on the BBC Website. If you want to find out more about myself, as Guerrilla Dub System, then please click on the link here to to to Guerrilla Dub System’s site.

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