My radio show, The Parish News, was recorded for this week, last night, in Creao Studios, Harrogate. I am up to show number seventy-three – The show is still proving to be a bit of a challenge. But, a rewarding challenge.

I have learned a lot from the production of The Parish News – as well as the production of Sound Of Wonder, my friend Stewart’s show. It has led to me studying audio mastering.

The Parish News also exposes me to a whole range of new and exciting music. I am in cahoots with a PR firm in Berlin who send me out some music every now and then and I am tipped off by a range of people I know and respect to buy new music.

The spoken links on the show are still dreadful – but it is a good excuse to leave the flat and not be such a recluse.

My Dad has started to listen to the show, of which I am massively proud. I appreciate he probably hates the music I play but it is always nice to speak to him about the show and receive feedback. He is not the only listener to the show though – I often chart in the top twenty on Mixcloud for the genre of music that I play on my show; noise, avant-garde, experimental & experimental ambient music alongside Field Recordings and Sound Art.

To try and show the stations that I do take my show seriously, I built a website for The Parish News at It is a simple, one-page build that allows for smooth-scrolling between sections. My good friend, Jem, has offered to do the copywriting for the blurb on the show’s site – so, I will update that when I get around to it. Jem works a copywriter at Weasel Words and I really recommend her for all of you copywriting. Plus, she is ace!

The Parish News really started as a vehicle for the music that I put out on my record label – this, in turn, allowed me to interact with a whole range of artists and other labels so that now Soundart Radio in Devon broadcast my show; which is a massive honour. I am also broadcast on some internet only stations to compliment this.

Whilst the music is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, I get great satisfaction that some people really dig my show and that someone, somewhere gets it.

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