The Parish News has reached it’s nineteenth edition. No small milestone for a man with a 10 minute concentration span – normally I would have reached for the new shiny thing by now. However, The Parish News seems to have some legs on it.

The show gets broadcast on a number of digital stations and even an FM station – it is a right laugh doing the show. Here is the nineteenth edition –

I have started to be sent some music by Dense PR (who work out of Berlin) for the show. So, it is a win/win situation. I get ace music and I get to talk about it and share it with my listeners.

When I recorded it, I had just woken up – y links are all over the place and I mumble; however, the music is there. Yes, it may not be to everyone’s taste. However, it is all relevant avant-garde music. In fact I would say it is some of the best I have presented on my show so far …

Yes, the music is way out there – but if you like arts music then it is a good show. If you don’t like avant-garde / arts music then it could prove a bad listen – why don’t you give it a go? You may be pleasantly surprised.

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