I have been doing a lot of sleeping today – 16 hour’s of the stuff – It has been fun and my dreams have been varied with no real upsets. I was dog-tired after a restless week but, my, what a week. I founded a new business.

The business is called Mastering.WTF – www.mastering.wtf – and it is a low-cost solution to the general public for DJ Mix Mastering. So, if you are a DJ and you need your mix mastered then head over to www.mastering.wtf. In fact, head over there regardless of if you are a DJ or not the animation on the header is something special – I did that, I did.

It is a right laugh.

I had the good fortune to pick up a bit (quite a bit) of knowledge about mastering when I was knocking out the Guerrilla Dub System albums with Allan – I have purchased a few tools needed for the job of mastering (Ozone Suite and a copy of Harrison Mixbus) and I am primed to go. Figure the responsibility of mastering tracks might be a bit above me so I will stick to DJ mixes for the time being.

My first client was Matt da Conga – a close friend of mine who did a DJ mix for a mutual friend called Helen. She is going to be performing with her French Horn and using the backdrop of this mix –

It is all in aid of The British Heart Foundation and I wish her the best of British on it. It is a really good mix and I hope I have done them proud – The French Horn is a tricky one to master for – although as Helen said –

So, it seems to be promising.

I have also started reaching out to people who found Artapes (my old Noise label) as a home. I have been inviting them to contribute to Focused Silence. You never know, making a career out of music might actually be something I can achieve!

I have contacted two of the artists who’s work I respected after a dip in health caused the closure of Artapes. I have gradually getting all of the artists who were on Artapes over to Focused Silence (new noise label) – it is proving a lot of work.

However, it is not all a bed of roses – oh no. I had to quite my job as DJ at RETRO Bar the other day due to a dip in Mental Health. I have been really struggling to make sense of the days I am awake and I have had to throw the towel in for that project. Still, because of the fact that I only earn Therapeutic Earnings I still have the fall back of being an unemployed weasel bothering people at the bus stop.

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