Today I came into the possession of a YAMAHA ‘NATURAL SOUND’ Stereo Cassette Deck, courtesy of ASAV. Have to say I am pleased as punch with it and the service given by Allan – top man, top machine!

Why, in the age of MP3’s did a man buy a Cassette deck? Well I have a project bubbling away – I will tell you about it later in another post. Plus, there is something delightful about the quality analogue devices give. Camera film, Vinyl, Cassette – not VHS where there are lines shooting across the screen at the bits in the film you rewind to watch over and over again. Yes, I am a fan of imperfection I guess you would say. There is so much more scope for creativity with analogue – from hip-hop DJ’s spinning vinyl, and of course the ‘first-date-mix-tape’. These are things I have come to admire and cherish.

Viva Imperfection and crap audio hiss! Viva static!

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