Kathryn let her guard down and before she knew it I was wondering the streets of HG1 with my Debit Card. It wasn’t too shabby; I got a second hand MacBook Pro for work and I am very pleased with that. I am sorting all of the music I use to DJ into an order – it is quite therapeutic, cataloguing some much-loved friends. Granted, there is not quite the same level of nostalgia one associates with vinyl – but then I am not having to cart four stone of vinyl to every gig – speaking of gigs, they will be increasing. But more on that later.

Sleep has played a bit of an issue of late – I seem to have broken my cycle of good behaviour and sort of lapsed into old ways. Still, MacBook Pro.

The highlight of my insomnia was listening to Test Match Special. England put a valiant effort into the penultimate day of the second test of the Ashes and it was a privilege to listen to it on TMS – despite Boycott’s rant. I admit, I wish I could boycott Boycott but then I would be missing out on good cricket. I half think that he is there to appease fellow Yorkshiremen. But, he does a better job at it than I could do on any day of my life. You have to admire the man’s Cricketing knowledge – if nothing else.

I missed England’s last day in the second test. It was over before my alarm went off. It was a short thrash in the dirt and I feel for the boys out there.

Still, I put my time to good use and had a podcast accepted by iTunes. A Sound Map Of Harrogate is just exactly what it is – I have been keeping a bit quiet about it. But, I can say that the site is at www.soundmapofharrogate.co.uk and I am chuffed to bits that the podcast has been accepted by iTunes. To check out the iTunes feed head over HERE.

I am in talks with a club about being part of a night – a Reggae night. I am in the process of designing a poster for the night and it seems good so far. I tried mixing again (first time in a couple of months) and I really enjoyed it. I will embed the mix below. In other news, GDS’s track “Alligator” has been in the top 100 tracks for reggae on Beatport for the past four months – not to be sniffed at. I am quite chuffed at that. It seems a Good Thing when other people dig my music. It makes it all worthwhile. You can get the track HERE.

Here is my mix – I like it:

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