A good friend, elizabeth, has a new release out. It is a field recording of Culloden Moor, the site of the last battle on the Mainland of the UK. The Battle Of Culloden was in 1745 when the Highlanders were butchered by English led troops.

this was recorded on culloden moor.

in the aftermath of the battle the language and culture of the highlands was outlawed and the population forced into starvation.


released March 6, 2018

remastered by www.mastering.wtf

It is the last part I wish to draw your attention to – “remastered by www.mastering.wtf” for that is me. I’m quite proud of the job I did of the mastering of this. It was a good raw track to work with – plenty of headroom and good dynamics. But it is nice of elizabeth to write this up and include me in the credits. Here is the track –



I visited Culloden Moor when we were up to see Granny – ooh, years ago. From memory, it is a cold, bleak & ‘orrible place – to think it once ran red with the blood of my Mum’s side of the family was quite a shock when I visited it. The Highlanders, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie charged the length fo the moor with nothing but bucklers and swords into volleys of musket fire. There is no honour in this.



Mastering.WTF has become a bit of a hobby of mine – I leant how to master tracks on a supervised tuition programme at post-graduate level – indeed, I am a member of the Audio Engineer Society now so I have affiliation.

However, it is proving a bit slow to pick up pace – I dunno what to do to get it noticed more.

Maybe I just need to find my niche …

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