Things are rapidly evolving here at Backhouse HQ.

Thought I would write a quick blog post to record the progress – more as a ‘remember what it was like’ note than actually telling people what happened …. which is what this Blog is turning in to.

So, on Monday I started a Newsletter for my label, Focused Silence – this has been warmly received by those that subscribed to it and I intend not to be too spammy with the newsletter. If you want to sign up to the thing the form is below.


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On Tuesday I found out I am No.2 in the Beatport Reggae charts – which is always welcome news.

I doubt we will make it to No.1 as Mungo’s Hifi have a release out at the same time – they are pretty much amazing so I doubt we will knock them off the top spot – still our ambition is there. Here is the proof –

Also, strange thing afoot at Circle K. Well, Bandcamp to be exact – I spat my dummy out over constantly being ripped off by poindexters either ripping the stream or lying about their receipt of CDs …. so, I decided to change the ecosystem it is run on.

I will, hopefully, be getting a Greedbag Store for my label. Focused Silence is a bit of a hobby of mine – it keeps me out of mischief and keeps me in the loop for the experimental scene. It will never be a full-time career but it provides a lot of fun. State51 run the Greedbag thingy – worth checking out if you get the opportunity.

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