What the hell is a Klangfarben and why is it on this blog?

Well, I like the word. Simple. I like the way it rolls out of the mouth, I like the way you have to use all of your mouth to say the word. It is a nice word to say. Try it: KLANG-FAR-BEN.

It is a German word – true story!

The literal translation is that it means “Sound Colour.” It translates as the timbre of a pure tone.

However, it is also what I have called my album that is out today. The album is solely percussion and electronics – there is plenty of space for the sounds to breathe. Taking Edgard Varèse’s Poem Electronique as inspiration – I make no apology for the length of the tracks, both tracks are around the 25 minutes.

What could be seen as a playful twist on the use of percussion, this album is serious in it’s outlook. Not afraid to shy away from a brazen tub-thump – the electronics on this release are a deft, elegant touch.

I just got it back from www.mastering.wtf a few minutes ago and uploaded it to my label, Focused Silence. You can listen to part of the album below –

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