But what was the uniform I hear you cry – stone-wash denim, white t-shirt and terry towelling day-glow socks covered with Clarks Big Grippa trainers. I was a credit to the Daisy Age, indeed.

Whilst most of my friends were listening to Michael Jackson or A Guy Called Gerald, I was bumping De La Soul.

When I attended Greenhoe Middle School in Swaffham around 1990, the highlight of my week was the school disco that lasted 20 minutes – it started at 10am and cost 20p entry. We raved it up big style! Unfortunately there was not a chill-out room but we really went for it!

The aim was not to find a girl/boyfriend. Just, to dance in a bigger group than last weeks disco. Every now and then they would play WORLD IN MOTION by the England Football Squad and we would rap along with John Barnes – but the highlight was doing my shaky dance to SAY NO GO and try my hardest to imitate the video.

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