Bit of a busy weekend that needs recapping – I will try my utmost to be forthright and not deviate from this promise. It was a vintage weekend – plenty of sleep and maximum fun; a good time was had by all. I partied, people partied and people had fun – there was beer, there was cake and there was good music.

Thursday night saw me radically shift my blogging behaviour. All of the images on this blog are now hosted on my Dropbox account – why is this? Well, the load speeds for Dropbox will be universal around the world. My server is based in Nottingham. This means that when someone logs on to my site from a location distant to Nottingham then it would take quite a while for the image to float through the æther and appear on their screen. The idea behind having all the images stored on Dropbox is the quicker load time will boost my search rankings for this blog – a quicker loading site means higher in the search rankings. So, mammoth blog maintenance has been achieved and I am happy with it.

Another thing I have done is shift the Blog from to this domain – I did not really see the point in having a personal, more private, blog as I had publicly “outed” myself as this internet menace who likes to talk about all and sundry to all and sundry – chatterbox really. So, Ijo Pona has died a death.

Friday night saw me ready to go RETRO Bar to play some music. I waited there for an hour until I received a very apologetic text from the Bar Manager saying he had taken ill. Poor lad’d had to be referred to A&E and subsequently been told to take it easy for the remainder of the day – It was a bit of an upset to hear that my friend was not feeling too well after the death of Juna the barkeep. I am a bit worried for him as his blood pressure is down.

So, Friday saw me in Major Tom’s having crashed a date that my good friend Daren was having – him and his lady friend are possibly the funnest, funniest couple I know – more power to them; I believe I told them I think they are ace, but may have hammered home my point a bit too tearfully – cue embarrassing silence.

Saturday was full steam ahead – I woke up in a panic at 8am only to go back to bed until 12pm – rave rest was needed because the destination that night was Remedy at Beaver Works, Leeds. I was taking part in the All Day Party hosted with FIRE before the main rave kicked off. My set went down well – I have rerecorded the set so people can listen to it. Here is is …

There were quite a few familiar faces there – It was great to see Sam & Jason and just chill out for a bit. Allan really enjoyed himself and I found him lying on his back, looking at the evening sky, giggling to himself around 2am – we all decided it was time to get a taxi home – so, booked, talked and travelled we arrived home in H’gate shattered.

Sunday has been a day where I have not got out of my pyjamas – it has been great. I have been gradually drifting to and from bed for a snooze and then waking up for the duration of the day. I managed to record the above mix as a way of try to emulate what I had done the day before. I also recorded my radios how, The Parish News – which can be found on the portfolio section of this site – Forty Fifth Edition of The Parish News. It is a belter.

I start with a homage to Pierre Henry who recently passed away in the week – I admire the man’s music and what he stood for – he was not afraid to try something new and this is how I intend to live my life (except drugs … winners don’t do drugs). He left a fantastic body of work that will be treasured by those that own some of it – and if you do not have any Pierre Henry then I recommend “1st Panorama de Musique Concrete (Remastered)” which is going for 50p on Trunk Record’s shop this week.

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