I’ve charted! Well, it is Allan & I who are number three in the Dub charts.

What charts? Only the Beatport Dub Chart for releases. When Dub Fore was released last week I did not, in my wildest dreams, envisage that it would get in the top ten – let alone number three in the chart. I kind of hoped it would get in the top 100 – but number three, WOW!!!!!

The proof will be pasted below as an image – I took a screen shot of the Dub section of Beatport and scored out the other sections. If this is current – as in you are reading this the week it has been published – then click here to go to the Beatport Dub page and scroll down to see the top ten releases.

I doubt we will make the top ten tracks – but it is shaping up to be a good April ….

Beatport Dub Top 10 31st March 2017

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