Whilst Kathryn has been in York on a discovery day of Archaeology, I have been left to my own mischief in the afternoon.

Last night was drunken …. very drunken. The Jager was flowing and all was well – my head was not this morning. Whilst reassembling myself in the kitchen, over several strong pots of the local tea, I recorded a drone album – more on that in a bit.

Just spent the afternoon/day so far bumbling around in my dressing gown trying not to weep from my hangover. Spent the majority of it in front of this very computer getting up to all sorts of web based shenanigans. I found a really cool blog that made me think of the music made by Belbury Poly.

Belbury Poly form the soundtrack to the world depicted in Scarfolk Council’s site and it led me to think that they have the same artistic origin – probably wrong, though.

Next stop was the Ghost Box Records site – plenty on offer to buy, but my record player broke a while ago …..

So, I will leave you with this ……

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