Shenanigans: what went down over the first weekend in June 2017. It was a vintage one. A weekend that I have a souvenir from – but more on that later.

Friday saw me design the new logo for this blog – here it is:

The logo is designed using a new font called Futuracha Pro – A project I backed on Kickstarter months ago. We had just come back from Prague where we saw an exhibition by Alfons Mucha and I was a bit besotted with Art Nouveau. I found a link to Futuracha Pro on a Pinterest Board and followed the links to høly’s (the font forge who crafted the design) Kickstarter. Best font ever for flowery type type.

Friday evening saw me DJ in RETRO – It is just a bit of a hobby really. I get a few drinks and play out the records that inspire my band, Guerrilla Dub System. Normally it is quite a laugh. However, on Friday it all kicked off. Thankfully Mike & Juna were there to look after me and managed to deal with the drunkards. My set went okay … I was struggling with the gain on Traktor for my new SONY Vaio. Still, I received a compliment from Jason Mawer saying that I was one of the best Reggae DJs he had heard – and that man can DJ! he is one of the people who sent me down my current musical path – I owe him a lot.

I managed to sleep during the day for Saturday. Kathryn said ‘Good night’ to me around 10am when she went off to see a lady about walking her dog. Poor wee dot was very nervous. I did not see Kathryn for another 24 hours – the longest we have been apart for ages. It was awful.

I woke around 6pm and went to record Sound Of Wonder for my hetro-lifemate Stewart. We sank a few beers in CREAO Studio and there was a bit of a party going on upstairs – Guerrilla Dub System’s Session was being broadcast on BBC York and we were all tuning in. The session went better than expected. As you may remember from a previous Blog article I have no recollection of how the session went – I was losing sleep over the thing and my nerves were fraught.

However, it could not have gone better. If you want to check out the show we are on in the first hour of BBC York’s Introducing show as broadcast on the 3rd June 2017 – here is a link.

I am so proud of my band mate, Allan, for how we did – the music was great and the BBC managed to make us sound good. Which is no small feat in itself. Everyone at the party said we did well & Daren Higham said he was proud of us – not bad at all.

Me, Allan & Daren went out on to Blues Bar afterwards – it was a celebration of being us, warts and all. Blues was dead though so we went on to Montey’s where things got a bit blurry. We had our arses handed to us at Table Football and we ended up in a mayonnaise fight in Chicos.

I was on a bit of a high from being on’t wireless so could not sleep – mum phoned on Sunday morning and said she was proud of me for the way I came across on the radio. That was the highlight of my weekend, I reckon. Kathryn woke up and we saw each other for the first time in 24 hours – a painful time to be apart. But I managed it and did not burst in to tears when she glided in to the kitchen. Kathryn went to a reading by local author Steve Toase in York on Saturday night – so I did not see her in the evening.

I managed to get some shut eye from 12pm to 1am and have been working on web sites all morning (it is currently 3am).

So, a good start to the summer. Kind of like the first big weekend of the summer – the band Arab Strap did a song called “First Big Weekend Of The Summer” – an instantly nostalgic, great pop song. That is what this is – an instantly nostalgic look back at my first big weekend of the summer. What a time to be me.

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