Episode #17

Kathryn was out at a client’s fashion show tonight – she walks a lovely dog for a lovely lady. The lovely lady owns a fantastic shop on Cold Bath Road, Harrogate and tonight they were showing the stock of this season.

Kathryn had a whale of a time and so did I – I did not go.

Instead, I recorded Episode #17 of Roots Conversation. Roots Conversation is my Radio Show when I am playing Dub – as part of Guerrilla Dub System.

The show has been picked up by a few stations and gets played on the FM dial. If you have a staion and would like content then be sure to head over to my PRX Page where you can see about getting downloads of the show to play on your station – HERE IS THE LINK. And, here is Episode #17 –

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A Harrogate Blog - Written By A Harrogate Blogger. Andy Is Harrogate's Chief Procrastinator. A Full-Time 'Funny Little Man.' By day an award-winning web designer, Andy has a hand in several music projects - including being in a chart-topping producer duo and he runs his own record label.

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