I have just uploaded the finished product – what is the product? Well, technically it is not yet a product as I am yet to get signed – so it is not yet out on the download-shelf. But, this EP is finished.

As eagle-eyed readers may remember, I have a previous EP called Lion’s Roar that I have completed – read about it here – but, that is yet to be signed too. Here is the newer EP:

As you can tell, I have brought my sound right up to date – It is more of Bassline than Dub (in the authentic style) but it gets me by.

I have had the good fortune to have spoken to a few record labels – all of which were interested in Lion’s Roar – but they needed to hear a follow up to see if I was worth putting on their books.

So, the above is the second release by Guerrilla Dub System – quite tidy.

In other news, me and a good mate are thinking of setting up our own label. Yes. Jason Mawer and myself are thinking of setting up a bass music label – we will be bass-ing it around our shared T-Shirt business, Kalama Insa. I have been tasked with the building of the site and it is getting there – if you want to see the site it can be viewed at www.kalamainsa.com.

All we need now is more music ….. I may release the above EP on Kalama Insa / I may not release the above EP on Kalama Insa. It is a 50/50 split of a decision. Part of me wants the music out there as soon as possible, part of me wants the weight of an established label behind it. We will see.

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