I was invited to take part in Beats On The Beach at Henshaws on Saturday. The main act was one of the best DJs I have had the pleasure of hearing – Rory Hoy. I was going to get my arse handed to me. I was quite nervous but held out until the end.

When I got there, with Scooby & K-Lo, we were waiting on Allan retrieving a cable. Not to worry, he is a good lad and I am sure he had everything under wraps. What really did worry me was that nobody knew I was DJing – I had been booked by the events staff. The events staff were playing football at that time.

Rory was a true gentleman. He said I could play my set – he was very accommodating. I rinsed it in a badman style / there were too many errors to count it as ‘good.’

Fuelled by failing equipment and drinking Babyfaced Assassin on an empty stomach in the sun, I then went and bought a Kontrol S4 Mk II on the internet from a  shop in Leeds. It should arrive in a couple of days and I am quite excited by it – despite the exorbitant price tag.

The S4 Mk II is a four-channel mixer for Traktor that allows me to control the software and play things through it live. This is going to be a lot of fun but I will need a few more paid gigs to earn the cash spent on it. Still, we have the sound system courtesy of Allan and we just need the venue – it could prove a right laugh!

Here is a picture of the Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk II –

It has everything I need to DJ Dub (and more). It even has a Dub Freeze for mixing up breaks on the fly – this, along with the F1 I have from previous engagements, will enable smooth transitions.

However, I am quite kicking myself for my performance today. Am I overcompensating for inadequate DJ performance by splashing the cash on the project? No, I saw the limitation of my existing hardware today and it was an ugly sight.

The bright sunlight of Knaresborough was making it impossible to DJ from the Z1 Kontrol – this caused a lapse in DJ prowess and I completely messed up a mix into a Desmond Decker track.

Still, I was complimented on my set and it made the afternoon all the more enjoyable. It was great to hang out with my mates and selected children (some of them of drinking age). They safely arrived at K-Town Airport and will be returning to Dubai in the not too distant future. Hopefully, we have had a bit more drink to drink and Funs to be had.

Did someone say “Dub Freeze?” Here is a better video explaining it than I could write up about:

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