I have a good friend I call Scooby – his real name is Stewart, but a lot of people refer to him as Scooby-Dooby-Stu. He is a really nice bloke and the man that switched me on to good beer.

As a way of repaying the beer debt, I help him record his radio show every week. Some could say I am a producer for doing this – but – I just prefer to call it helping out a mate.

Scooby’s show is call Sound Of Wonder and is is broadcast on Easy Street Radio every Sunday at 18:30 for an hour. We have a right laugh catching up on the weeks shenanigans and sampling a few choice beers. We record the show in a local studio, Creao Studio, owned by Allan – sometimes Allan joins us for a catch up.

All in all it is a good way to get out of the flat – it is something of a commitment: this helping a friend out. However, it is worth it.

As you will be able to hear from the above embedded show (recorded last night) there is quite an eclectic mix of music on Sound Of Wonder. I absolutely love the Italo Disco that is the opening track on the above episode.

Scoob plays all sorts – ranging from goth to french pop, calypso to folk and New Wave to Bollywood horror soundtracks. It really is worth checking out.

I have to say that his presentation style is something of the Uncle Peter from The Smell Of Reeves &  Mortimer – Scoob’s voice is not the most dulcet of tones. However, he makes up for it with enthusiasm and vigour; I have never met such an authority on Bollywood Psychedelia.

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