Congratulations California Mix:: been busy – The Ashes are on again. It is the best thing to listen to when I am having a sleepless night – it is 06:55 and the township of Harrogate is asleep. Root has just got his half-century, we are 194-3 and the crowd have turned out for Funs. I have marked the legalisation of recreational cannabis in California below.

I have put my time tonight to good use and I went up to Creao Studio. I recorded a DJ Mix whilst up there – I am very happy with how it has worked out. I did the mastering (I am the man behind and it sounds sweet. Compression was key to it and a gentle maximising of the dynamics ensured normalisation.



Creao Studio has become a home from home for me – it is run by my good friend, Allan. I pay my subs and get to use the studio whatever I need to do in there. The studio is just at the top of my road –



But why am I practising my DJ’ing when I am closer to forty than I am thirty? Well, I have been invited to take part in a regular night in town. The idea is for me to play a few roots tunes. I have a new-ish set-up in that I have finally put to work my TRAKTOR F1 Kontrol. I am using it as a soundboard to help with the mixing between tracks that do not necessarily sit well together – now then, it could be argued that I should plan my sets better but I DJ Dub – so whoops, bleeps, horns and sirens are necessary.

I will try and report back on DJ Development (whoever he is) when I get the chance – but above you will be able to hear my mastered mix and below you will see the poster I did for the night.


Poster For Retro Bar, Harrogate

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