A few days ago I asked Allan Smyth from Allan Smyth Audio Visual to help get me a new mic and recording rig for The Parish News. To celebrate, I went and built a new site for the radio show called The Parish News – the site can be found here.

The mic we went for is a SURE SM7B – the same microphone that Michael Jackson famously used to record his ‘Thriller’ album – I know, right!

Here is the show –

I also received a Clarett 2 Pre box to link the microphone and the computer – I am really just scratching the surface with this toy – it will take a good while until I have found the optimum settings needed for the Mic and my voice. As you can tell from the above recording, I need to get the Saturation levels sorted with the quieter tracks (there are peaks and glitches), but I just hope that I have done the music justice.

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