I got some new DJ Equipment in the post today – but, not just any DJ Equipment; I hope to DJ from Cassette. But, why the hell would I want to do that? Well, I listened to a MiniMix on BBC Radio 3, the show was The Late Junction – oooh, weeks ago. There was an improviser there who did a complete DJ mix on cassette and it was spell-binding.

I hope to emulate him.

The chosen apparatus is a pair of Marantz PMD 201 cassette decks and whatever mixer Allan can get me — I will probably have to hang fire on the mixer until I get paid, but it could prove fun.

I will be DJing experimental music from the cassette decks – much like I play on The Parish News. In fact, the cassette decks were bought for my radio show – they have a pitch function as well as HPF / LPF and I hope to create some extra content for the people who will be subscribing.

This extra content will be available to people who pitch it £10 a month or so – I just need to make the DJ mixes worth £10 a month so that people subscribe. Meanwhile, HERE is a link to The Parish News – the latest edition.

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