So much to say and not the vocabulary to say it – Nice! Cool! Radio! Will have to do to start with. But without jumping into Character or stereotypes, let’s celebrate this mini-festival that is occurring nation-wide…

Well, what is BBC Music Jazz? It is a pop-up radio station that is broadcasting for 5 days on the digital wireless being run by the BBC & Jazz FM. You can also listen to it on your phone using the iPlayer app or on your laptop. And, it is fantastic!

The pop-up station invites the listener to learn about what can be seen as an impenetrable mass of Cats, Bop & Melody (Tonal & A-Tonal). The new pop-up station is available on all digital radios and warmly receives new-comers and seasoned veterans alike.

To me, it is kind of like a blend of BBC stations that cater to old timers and new cats. It is the best presenters and garnered from my favourite stations using the best content that I have heard for a while. It is the meeting point between a host of BBC stations and (I believe) the knowledge of Jazz FM.

For instance: I tuned in to BBC Music Jazz around 15:05 Saturday, for the first time (it has been broadcasting since Thursday) and I picked up on a documentary (hosted by Mary Ann Hobbs) about the music on Bowie’s last album ‘Blackstar’ – click here for the iPlayer.

As a result of the humanity expressed on the documentary, by both Hobbs & the documentaries subject, Donny McCaslin – who’s band Bowie chose to collaborate with for the final album of his career – I think Blackstar will be on the list to Santa.

Thumbs up & I hope to hear more like this pop-up station. BBC Music Jazz is the true meeting point for a collective passion for Jazz. I am glad they did it.

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