I used to run Harrogate Alternative Radio – that was a right laugh. I gave myself a three hour show at the end of the weekend – played all sorts from my label. Here is a paraphrase of what the station’s site said about me –

I was the acting station controller of Harrogate Alternative Radio and this was my show. I was responsible for the music that got played when a scheduled shows were not being aired so I figure I would cut loose with this show. So, what can you expect? Well, expect exploratory music. Broadcasting from nine in the evening until mid-night every Sunday, you will find some of the most cutting edge sounds from around the world. We work with artists to bring you some of the most innovative acts currently working today. We’re a label with a passion for what we do. We started life, back in 2012, as the record label that represented The Tidswell Noise Collective and continue with the same ethos.

Our ethos is to play music that we feel has relevance in the modern day world – exploratory music, if you would. We are, predominantly, a CD orientated label but do have a history of releasing Downloads & Tapes too. For more on the label, why not visit the site here.

And, here is a list of most of the shows that got broadcast of HAR, as it was affectionately known.

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