… since I recieved my guitar.

I, as previously stated, am a massive fan of Drone Doom Metal – especially EARTH + Sunn o))) – so these past few days I have been plucking away at my guitar and recording the result. The drums are supplied courtesy of a cheap Drum Machine Programme I downloaded from the app store. I routed my DEADHORSE custom guitar through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and just played until I felt mildly uncomfortable.

It is three, sometimes four, guitar riffs all layered up on top of one another – I am very pleased with the result of this. What do you think? Thankfully, my neighbours are in Malaysia at the moment – so I can pace around at night until my heart is content.

Thing is, now I have the idea of making music stuck in my head, everything else is put on the sideline – including eating and bathing (I am getting quite smelly now).


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