Took a bit of a leap of faith today – I am not the first person to have reservations about Crowd Funding but I have taken the plunge. I backed a campaign for Scenes: 3D Headset. I am still holding my breath as to whether they will be made into production (I am order “Just Into Tripple Figures”) but why would I want a pair?

I already have a pair of Roland Binaurals – these Scenics work with iPhones!

This means I will not have to carry around a hefty rig when I go out on a day and find an interesting sound to record – after all, a number of times I have kicked myself for not having my sound rig with me when I go out and about and there is something worth recording …

This “Headset” (actually just a pair of in-ear earphones) promised immersive 3D audio – here is the video to showcase what they mean –

This swayed me and I went for the option of the cheapest Backing. Quite chuffed I have after watching the video again for the umpteenth time.

“Lifelike 3D headset is not only an awesome earphone with super high-res audio quality output, but also a portable 3D audio recording gear with only 20g. The headset instantly make an immersive 3D audio, which would normally take a year’s time for a professional recording team to complete. Mobile 3D audio capturing is simply plug and play. It requires no charging, because it directly uses iPhone or iPad for power. You can use it for live broadcasting and share with anyone.” – Their site.

It promises to work with a lot of apps that I already own – Periscope, Recorder+ & Voice Memos.

Quite excited about this. This is what they look like –


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