Can artists, who already come from a tradition of ‘mining the self’ in their artistic practice, be better creatively equipped in coping with their chronic illnesses or does it make them worse? Indifferent? Moreover, to what extent would such methods be transferable or practical for non-artists? If sufferers cannot cure themselves of the illness, can they at least have a better relationship towards the illness?

See, I suffer from Schizophrenia – a perception disorder. What my mind tells me is real is not often the case of what is actually real. There is a schism between reality and perception. Being primarily concerned with identity and specialising in digital technologies, I aim to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media and the documenting of empirical reality.

A perpetual question for the sound artist is how to offer work in a format that breaks the conventions of the £10 CD. I cannot support myself on £10 CDs — at least, not in my experience. With that in mind, I sell off my life, in one-day instalments. Essentially, the collector will ‘own my day’ as my day is seen by others – maybe not as seen by myself.

The download comes with a four page PDF / The Compact Disc in the wooden box comes with a six page, hand stitched booklet. The CD is a montage of the day’s events – playing completely separate from the individual elements.


released 21 January 2015

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