Man, I woke up at 00:45 the other night – I had hoped to fill it with Funs but I just ended up pottering around the house. I’ll tell you what I did do though – I recorded a special Gaffa Tapes take-over of The Parish News. Below, you can listen to it. I wanted to record a new show up in the studio, Creao Studio, but got a bit bogged down in stuff. So, as opposed to the regulare format of the show, I made a two-hour DJ Mix. It is quite something.

Ol’ Reliable

I used the regular equipment that I have – A Traktor S4, Marantz Cassette Decks and a bag of C60 Cassettes. I was fun.

Another thing that has occurred over the weekend is that I am now using the Beta Gutenberg Editor for this Blog. First impressions are a ‘Yes.’ I like it.

There seems to be a lot more white space. It seems a lot cleaner and the controls are lot simpler, but just take a bit to find – if you are used to the ‘kitchen-sink’ editor of old.

I think I will keep it. It’s a winner.

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