Me & The BBC

August 14, 2016 ☼ Me & The BBCMusicNews

I have been invited to record a session on the local BBC Station - York & North Yorkshire!

Whilst I missed the live broadcast - having burned out after a hard week at work - I was asleep by 7pm on a Saturday. However, Jericho Keys played my track Dub Horns on his show BBC Introducing - York & North Yorkshire. At the end of playing the track he invited me in to record a session!

Whilst it would be fun to go in and reconstruct making the track in realtime - it would not make good radio. I have emailed Jericho and the BBC to see what they make to me coming in and nattering away in my high pitched voice - I will post their reply below in the comments section. I have started a new Tag - called Me & The BBC -  for this shenanigan - so keep clicking on it for updates.

I really only started to make reggae and dub for a laugh. I have a track record as an avant garde and experimental musician and I set myself the challenge of making a record that is not Noise - I seem to have done a good job!

Well, here is a recording of the radio. I am unaware of the law surrounding taping your own track off the wireless - sue me.