After Kristallnacht 2017, I felt moved to write to my MP. A small measure I know – but, at the minute I am protesting within my means. I also sent a Tweet to Trump – something I had not done before, but, felt I needed to do.

Well, I have written to Andrew Jones MP, in the interests of democracy I will publish his reply in the comments section.

Dear Mr Jones MP,

The reason I am writing to you is regarding the recent visit of our Prime Minister to the White House, Washington DC. In siding with Trump, May, the leader of your party has sided with hate. There are photographs of May holding Trumps hand, and by doing so, she is tacitly saying she does not have a problem with his behaviour.

This is morally corrupt. In recent changes to the National Curriculum, our schools now teach ‘British’ Values. One of these British Values is ‘mutual respect for the tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith’.

Where does this fit in with last night’s re-enactment of Kristallnacht? We cannot sit idly by as Trump tramples the rights of those with different faiths and beliefs.

I believe that it is the job of Great Britain and the current Government to stand up for the rights of the oppressed the world over. Unfortunately, due to recent legislation from Capitol Hill, the trampled and oppressed are now people with differing faiths from Trump & Pence’s Evangelical right-wing bigotry.

It is the job of Britain to stand up for our values and for the rights of Muslims here and all around the world.

Yours Sincerely,


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