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Below, you can read the letter I have just fired off to Andrew Jones MP (Harrogate & Knaresborough Conservative Party MP). It seems bizarre that I am having to write about the subject matter – Whaling – in 2016 (nearly 2017).

Greenpeace was founded to help highlight the plight of the whale. That was decades ago. Yet, we are still having to campaign to help protect them.

In the interests of democracy, I will publish the reply at the foot of the post.


Dear Mr Jones,

The matter I am writing to you about is an old matter – yet it is just as pressing today as it was thirty years ago. After thirty years, the global ban on whaling is under threat and I am requesting that you ask George Eustice MP to stick by the Conservative Party’s pre-election promise to oppose commercial whaling.

Over the past three decades, many whale populations have slowly started to recover. But, some countries are seeking to exploit this fact and restart commercial whaling. In your party’s pre-election manifesto, the Conservatives said “We will oppose any resumption of commercial whaling.” Please ask George Eustice to stick by this commitment.

On October 24th members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will be meeting to discuss the future of whale conservation.

For a long time the UK has been a world leader in whale protection – now George Eustice must stick the Conservative’s election promise and reject any threat to the ban on commercial whaling.

It’s also vital that that the UK government support measures for further whale conservation – such as the proposed South Atlantic whale sanctuary. George Eustice must do the ethically sound thing and stick by the party’s pre-election commitment. I hold zero sway in Parliament but you have a seat there, Mr. Jones – please voice the concern of a constituent to Mr. Eustice.



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  1. The last sentence of Andrew Jones’ reply made me chuckle. I received the following letter in the post this morning. However, all that is mentioned about the topics raised in the above letter is “I am assured” – however, his credentials on this subject seem to check out. But he does not promise to represent my point of view in Parliament ….

    Here is the letter –

    Dear Mr. B_________

    Thank you for contacting me about whaling.

    Whale populations have still not recovered from past exploitation and face serious threats such as pollution, habitat degradation and climate change. The Government therefore opposes this activity, which has been illegal in this country for the past 30 years.

    The UK has long worked to protect and conserve whales both around the UK and internationally. We have a long standing commitment to maintaining the moratorium on commercial whaling and support ongoing work to strengthen conservation and welfare initiatives managed by the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

    At the IWC’s meeting in late 2014, I am pleased to say that all of the UK’s objectives were achieved. Most notably, most notably an action plan that we to improve the body’s consideration of cetacean welfare was adopted. This was thanks to to the Government’s hard work with all parties including whaling nations such as Norway and Japan. Other UK-led measures to strengthen IWC conservation financing and improve its governance were also adopted.

    In addition, the EU has made representations to Iceland concerning its continuing commercial whaling and international trade in whale products. Many countries drew attention to this during the IWC meeting and requested that Iceland consider more profitable and sustainable alternatives like well managed whale watching.

    I am assured the Government will continue to raise it’s concerns, including the opposition to so called ‘scientific whaling’, at every opportunity.

    Thank you again for taking time to contact me – I am glad that we agree on this issue.

    Yours sincerely,
    Andrew Jones MP


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