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Now then, this is a matter I am fuming about – I have signed numerous petitions and called on respective MP’s (when in Northumberland and East Yorkshire – China … let’s say I wasn’t represented).

The fact that our nation’s policy makers are in-debted to the factions that they may have to legislate against is a no-brainer: ‘McDonalds Healthcare’ & ‘Monsanto Bottled Water’, ‘Murdoch News” … (naw wait!) could all be a reality unless these measures are curbed.

Dear Andrew Jones,

In order for the UK to have a true democracy, the interests of the electorate should be at the core of government policy.

As long a big business and the media fund political parties, the interests of their sponsors and a desire to remain in power, prevents a government from fulfilling its duties.

Electoral funding should be minimised. It should be financed with public money, by a process that reflects an equal distribution to either parties or MPs. A process to be decided by parliament, if the motion is agreed.

Media owners hold to much influence over voters. This does not benefit the electorate, but their own interests and is facilitated by their sponsorship of politics.

The same applies to corporations, in which MPs should be allowed no investments, financial (or positional) for life.

Andrew, this may sound like a radical gesture – but it is common sense: I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Backhouse

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  1. Here is Andrew Jones’ reply –

    Dear Mr Backhouse

    Thank you for contacting me regarding political party funding.

    I appreciate that this is a topic about which you feel passionately, however I can assure you that the situation you describe simply isn’t true in British politics. Big businesses and the media do not fund our political parties to such an extent that they have an overwhelming influence over government policy. We have free press within this country, something of which I am proud, and it is up to them whether or not they support a political party.

    You raise an interesting point regarding financing elections with public money. The general public would not support a move which means that taxpayer’s money is going to fund election campaigns. It would also mean that there would be a cap on the number of people who could stand in an election determined by the available cash. This would have a negative impact on smaller parties and independent candidates. I know that fighting an election campaign can be an expensive process and the majority of funding came from fundraising events and donations from the public.

    Thank you again for contacting me about this issue and please do let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

    Yours sincerely
    Andrew Jones MP


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