*Kicks Hornet’s Nest. 2018 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the right for women to vote in the UK. But, why would an upwardly-mobile, white, chubby man be writing about this? And, would his viewpoint be valid – am I qualified to pass comment? Well, Ijo Pona is my blog and a soap box for my opinion.

I definitely do not have a remit to speak on behalf of either side, male or female – but, I can offer an opinion? However vague? I am not writing this Blog post to show anyone (if anyone reads this) what a ‘moral’ person I am am or to align to any ‘side.’ If anyone reads this post then please feel free to leave a comment in the footer – I am up for learning a lot more about the topic described.

In 1918 the representation Of The People Act allowed Women who were householders and over the age of thirty to vote – it also made it legal for all men over the age of 21 to vote. It was not until 1928 that all women over the age of 21 were allowed to vote – and, even to this day, there are visa restrictions on people (not just women) voting for the government who, could in turn, decide the outcome of their stay in the Uk (see posts about Human Rights).

We have come a bit of the way to gender equality, a small step and we have a long way to go – but lets use this anniversary of Suffrage to really get equality for Women of all ages, race and denominations. The pay gap is staggering, the rights difference is staggering and the very way that society (the status quo) sees Women is staggeringly obsolete.

And … the Uk is seen as a liberal Western Society. I can only think that the best societal equality was in the Neolithic tribes – when we were Hunter Gatherers. Mind, there is not concrete evidence to suggest the varying tribal social hierarchies – this could be a romantic, nostalgic and, ultimately, uneducated view point.

But, how did the Patriarchy gain such a foot hold in the first place? How are we going to usurp it? What do we replace it with? What methods are available to us?

I do not have the answer. But essentially, men, it boils down to; don’t let the testosterone do the thinking, you knuckle dragging ape-men!

*runs to hills and retires after brief foray into Gender Politics

If you have read this blog post and you feel a bit of empathy for a man who could barely look someone in the eyes until he was 12, then feel free to write a reading list  for me below. I want to learn about my place in the world. Feel free to leave a comment, feel free to ignore this topic, feel free to hug your mum and whisper in her ear “the revolution is coming …”

In the opening sentence of the second paragraph of this Blog post, I mentioned that I –

… do not have a remit to speak on behalf of either side, male or female …

But, is this not part of the problem? Conflict occurs when there is the creation of opposing sides by a manipulative force. We have been pitched together in a power struggle of the sexes since the creation of modern society. There are the remnants of Matriarchal Tribal societies in South West China – and there is the western pay gap.

From the comfort of my pyjamas, can I call a truce? Can a fat man who has tea-stains on his pyjama t-shirt ask that there is no longer the viewing of the sexes as different ‘sides.’ Is it possible to replace the current status quo with equality? Is it possible to see someone for the worth of their character rather than their shape? Can we have equality?

I admit I have only been on the receiving end of social prejudice in the form of classism. But to have a society hell-bent on the degradation of half of the nations population seems illogical. Why do people judge others on their Bits other than the worth of their character.

I do not know I am rehashing some out-dated opinion or if I have hit a nerve. All I wanted to was try and vent my frustration about the fact that it is 2018 and women are treated as a second tier in society. In the Uk. In 2018.

Sort it out …!

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