Remember G4S? They’re the infamous security firm who have been responsible for a catalogue of failings and human rights abuses.

They’re also the organisation who have been handed the contract to run a Government-funded helpline for victims of discrimination.

Liberty, Tell MAMA and 39 other organisations are demanding a parliamentary inquiry into why G4S won the contract. Join me by signing the petition to tell the Government that G4S cannot be trusted to run such a vital service.

Known officially as the Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS), the helpline provides expert advice and assistance to those who have faced discrimination on the grounds of their gender, race or disability. Until 2012 it was run by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), and earlier this year a parliamentary report recommended the service be returned to the EHRC – a position supported by the EHRC themselves.

The award of the contract should be placed on hold until an investigation into both the tendering process and G4S’s suitability have been carried out.

Liberty has compiled a dossier of the company’s reported failings on human rights and equality in the UK. It makes for horrifying reading.

In amongst the more well-known G4S stories – such as the London 2012 Olympics or the £108.9 million repayment to the Government – are a raft of abuses against vulnerable people. A 15-year-old girl who claimed she was left in her room at G4S’s Medway Security Training Centre after having a miscarriage. Jimmy Mubenga, who was unlawfully killed by G4S security guards with racist texts on their phones. Mohamoud Ahmed Ali, who died in his cell at a G4S-run prison after guards repeatedly failed to take him to medical appointments.

As Bella Sankey, Liberty’s Director of Policy said “G4S has been responsible for countless human rights violations, and the mistreatment and even unlawful killing of people in their care. It’s hard to think of a company more ill-equipped to provide this vital service.”

Please sign the petition: say you don’t trust G4S with this service, which is a lifeline for many.

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