Touching Base


I figure I had better check in - to update the site and keep things relevant.

Out: blogging about everything, photography, Field Recording.

In: collage, stable employment, stable health

Yes, I really miss photography - I am unsure what it is that is causing the mental blockage - it could be that my rig weighs a ton and that I feel really self-conscious lugging a DSLR, or even a mic rig, around town opening myself up for abuse.

It’ll pass, I am sure…

Another thing new in Camp B* is that I now have my first Windows machine for a decade. The T520 Thinkpad is meant to be destroyed. It is a cheap laptop that can handle having a drink dropped on it and that is what I am after.

It is Kathryn’s birthday coming up on Tuesday; she gets better the more time we spend together - she is everything to me and I hope I pull my weight in the house.

We have a flat inspection, speaking of which - Kathryn is polishing the potatoes as we speak and getting things ship-shape and Bristol fashion. The Landlord is a good lad, very approachable and fair - the ideal landlord, really.

I used to be about Eat The Rich” and all property is theft. But, I have become middle-aged and a bit more mellow and therefore pedestrian; it is now more Eat Cake With The Rich - If They Are Buying.”

So, Ijo Pona has had a lick of paint - this is still a responsive theme, so it looks natural on all devices. The gradient header was made in CSS and the balanced blog was rendered through JS. It is a customised blog, one you will not see elsewhere.

I have also made a fresh logo - here it is…


I hope to get to Creao Studio over the weekend if Kathryn lets me - I have two new flash drives with my dub collection on. I have found a way of getting my complete collection onto two sticks. These play through Allan’s equipment and the PA in the cork-lined room. The bass is awesome.

Roots Conversation, the roots reggae podcast I am part of is still going strong. Do you want to listen to the latest show?

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