Our Anniversary & Beer Week

As you can tell by the title of this post, two big things happened in the past few days. We had Harrogate Beer Week and me and Kathryn also celebrated an anniversary with an 0’ at the end. It has been an action packed first half and I am unsure which event had me most excited.

Tuesday saw the start of celebrations with a Turning Point brewery take-over at Major Tom’s. I had hoped for a lengthy session but the %%% of the beer meant that we were limited to what we could drink spread out over the three hours me & Kathryn were there.

I was allowed to order a Steak & Ale Pizza + Horseradish Dip for us both and then we set about our way, merrily and downhill.

Thursday. This was a Nomadic Beers take over at Major Tom’s - all part of Harrogate Beer Week. The beers were all of a lower %%% and suited people, like me and Kathryn, who wanted a long session as opposed to a sprint. We were joined by James W. who suggested a few things to us.

One of the things he suggested to us was the name of our new Duo. Yes, you read that correct; me and Kathryn have formed a band. We call ourselves AKB and we hope to make Harsh Noise. The idea is to try and be like the famed band The Tidswell Noise Collective but make it punchy, aggressive and brutal. Here is the logo for it…

Friday was the actual day of our anniversary. The I forgot to watch the Weather Prophecy on the TV but there was plenty of light and warmth in Apartment 16. Kathryn bought me some chocolates and a card and I bought her something from California, held up in the post and should be here on 30th September; that I really am excited about! I will mention more at the time.

We watched a few episodes of Ru Paul and then went to Konak Meze for a slap up feast…

We were both unfamiliar with Turkish food, and we still are ignorant to a large extent, except Kebabs. I was pleasantly surprised by the standard of the fare on offer there, the choice was quite overwhelming. We decided to settle on a Traditional dish and we both ended up with the Chicken - different dishes, just same meat.

Best Baklava in town. Fight me.

Heading home via Harrogate Tap we gazed wistfully into each others eyes and muttered love curses at each other over some great beer - it is a Yorkshire Tap Take Over at the Harrogate Tap this week, part of the latest event in the annual cycle, Harrogate Beer Week.

Whilst at the Tap we bumped in to Rachel A. who was organising Harrogate Beer Week and, no doubt, chipping in for a good percentage of the running fee from her own pocket. Hats off to her - she worked a great job. I have been following them on Harrogate Community Radio - Rachel A. and Andrew C. host The Beer Show and it is awesome.

Through the gentle persuasion of Kathryn and with encouragement from Rachel and Andrew, I have morphed from a six pints of Guinness per session person (with crisps) in to someone who appreciates gay beer.

By no measure do I know the layering and sub-stratas of the Taxonomies of beer - but I am definitely more adventurous in my selection, trying new things.

My biggest backlash was a few years ago when the local pubs were not catering for Snowflakes like myself. But, I seem to be undoing a big knot of Gammon and attempting to be a bit more adventurous with my choice of beer - Kathryn is knee deep in Saisons, Trappist Beers, IPAs and Berlinerweisse. I am playing catch up.

That brings us up to Saturday, today - I did not sleep very well, woke up too early and nearly had to cancel things scheduled. But, then Kathryn found out she had won two tickets to see the Beer Sommelier, Annabel Smith. Annabel was talking us through some of the beers brewed in the Harrogate postcode.

It was amazing!

Annabel Smith presented a well thought out talk that kept the audience attentive, poised for more tasting tips and primed for more beer, and anything else that came our way.

We sampled several local beers, my favourite glass of beer (don’t call them pints!) was Harrogate Brewing’s Plum Porter - of which I am sipping some of it now. Hmmmm tasty.

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