Of Eurovision & Other Stories


I am mid-way between first and second sleep.

Apparently this used to be a thing in the Medieval period. Folk would wake around this time for a bit to eat and then go back to bed for a few more hours. I think it is documented in Chaucer (?) where one of the characters comments on second sleep. Either way, I am not enjoying being an evolutionary throwback. It was back enough with bicameral mind but to now be saddled with a delinquent sleep pattern is proving irksome. However I have made a mix.

The mix is 100% choc full of my own remixes of 90s Rave Culture.

The project I am staring with it will probably end in as much anonymity as all my other projects - but, man this mix kicks. For the mix, I am toying with the idea of DJ’ing under the name 20 Times Dark.

The remixes I made for the DJ set have given a cyber-goth-popper-sniffing-bum-rave sheen to the polished audio of yesteryear. I am so proud of corrupting this music, haha!

Watching the FA Cup this weekend, I thought the game was of a poor quality for a spectator like myself. But, it was for the fans, really; Liverpool won on penalties. Kathryn watched the game as I minced around my study making the above mix.

We had my in-laws over for a cup of tea. It was great to see Kathryn’s Mum and Dad - they used to scare the crap out out of me but I would like to think I have won their respect. Either that or I respect myself a bit more so see myself as someone who is worthy, I am unsure. Either way, we made plans to meet up more often. Their health is not what it was and we need to be there for them.

They are pleasant company.

I managed to catch most of last night’s Eurovision. We came second - does this mean we have been forgiven for Brexit? I doubt it. The winner was Ukraine.

It is currently quarter to 5am - I sow no sign of going to sleep. Let’s hope I do not get bored of the mix I am listening to as it is keeping me company. Kathryn is sleeping off a beer and we need to get ready for a quiz tonight. An HCR Quiz!

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