The Northman Film & Saying Goodbye

History will remember this week - I am unsure if I will.

See, QEII passed on Thursday. She served right to the end but what she served, and the privilege therein, was built on the backs of slavery and colonialism.

I am sure she was a very sweet lady, she was a grandma to many. But I am not keen on what she represented. I bear no personal malice to the royals; but it is not for me.

The have built an empire of blood stained gains and I may not want a part of that, thanks.

The sad thing is, she had no option; even as she welcomed Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister, there was a photo taken of her with a bruised right hand, implying a cannula had been fitted recently. She was blinded by tradition to just keep going. It is quite sad really.

Another event to happen on Thursday 8th September was that I was discharged from a specialist team of nurse-ninjas who had monitored my health for the best part of 20 years. Result!

Poster from The Northman film featuring Bjork as the Seer

Saturday was spent pyjama’d watching muscly men pillage and kill in the Robert Eggers film, The Northman.

V. Good film. Bit too much gore (intestines falling out, noses sliced off and dismembered bodies) but just the right amount of horror and myth.

Sunday will see a muchness of a muchness and I will keep on keeping on.

I hope to tune in to The Parish News now that the local radio schedule has returned to normal.

See, due to the departure of QEII we had to change our programming output as a station. I used the following playlist to fill the airwaves.

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