Why have I not been blogging?

There seems to be a bit of a blockage. I want to blog; I love everything about it - the free flowing, quick typing aspect of it with zero deletions and having to think on the spot. The fact that I am baring all to strangers. Leading an open life.

Living adventurously.

I think the fact I have not blogged for a while is that I have been thinking about it too much.

Maybe my blogging is similar to how a Zen practitioner sees sitting meditation. When you try and codify and rationalise the process then it is over - so, instead of sitting, I blog. Maybe…

Nice ring to it but hey ho.

So, what have I been up to - for a full break down of arty shenanigans just head to my Art site www.backhouse.wtf and look for the March round up.

I have bought this recently -

Doozy guitar thing

It is a one of a kind; Vintage never went to production with this prototype. It sounds quite sweet although I am very much still learning.

I hope to record some of my playing as a way to mark where I am at at present.

I have one riff I have been working on - I am unsure what to call the riff but it is a fine sounding riff. Me and The Order Of Psychedelic Monks may bestow the name The Brotherhood Of Woo Riff” on what I have been practicing.

Still to name the device, but it is something fun to run through my pedals.

Been going to the pub less as part of a [small] health drive - ultimately I have just been drinking even more when I am there.

Work is going well, thanks - it seems to be picking up after I have dropped my prices; the trick is to not be an arse.

There was a small technological breakthrough tonight, as I write this - Dad is sat [with ill health] watching a James Bond film that is streaming from my Plex Server, housed in the NAS Drive sat next to me - there is an hour car drive between us. I am my own version of Netflix.

Stew, Al and myself have decided to get back together and make Roots Conversation. I had been an arse a while back and it was not as much fun making the shows, so they took a break. I guess I was asking a lot of them at the time, but I am a perfectionist to the point that I sometimes forget other’s feelings - a nasty character trait that I see in myself. And, for this I am sorry…

So, first blog post for a while - pretty much a frivolous exercise. But, it does help sort my thoughts. It also marks what I have been up to - something my mind can’t deal with.

Thanks for reading! x

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