First Weekend Of August 21

I am trying to blog a bit more - get back in to the swing of things. I figure a good way to do this is to write short, readable reports about my weekend.

Friday night; we recorded a show over Skype for the radio - it was the second birthday of Harrogate Community Radio on Sunday and we had two hours of cheese to inflict on the citizens of H’Gate. It was sociopathic fun, I enjoyed myself-ish. But, the end result made me wish I had surrendered to the moment more and enjoy it at the time.

Saturday was seen all the way through - I did not sleep on Friday night and went to bed around 1am on Sunday morning - the day was a bit of a blur, but a good blur.

Then on to the main course; Sunday.

Sunday saw the station turn two years old. Happy Birthday Harrogate Community Radio - it feels like longer.

It feels a lot longer to be honest, things are moving in school-boy time. School seemed to go on for years and then you stop doing School and the summer holidays are over in a week. Only to start School-boy time again in September. I am in school-boy time

A funny micro-cosmos exists when I am working (slow) and when I am dossing (quick time). Funny time, innit.

But, I went and blogged, scheduled and prepared. The station is good to go for another six months - it has been an exhausting w/e.

Right now, I am in my pyjamas and blogging - it is a good place to be. The flat we live in; wow, we are settling in and everything looks rosey. We are happy here, if a little hot. I have Dad coming over tomorrow - it will be good to see him (I am unsure if Mum is coming along) but we have biscuits in for everyone - to be honest, I thought Middle Age would be a lot more hate-filled.


Received some designs I ordered for print and been fiddling with websites.

It is funny, I reckon if I keep on taking my medicine, I may one day be healthy and happy.

Up next Mowbray House August ’21: The Jazz Show As a continuation of the weekend drip feed - a post written every weekend to keep the supply of news constant - I am back again with more mid-life
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