Christmas Yule Blog

We are in Hackforth for the day - having arrived yesterday and heading back to the smoke in the coming days.

We were picked up by Dad and Sarah & Ben ran out to greet us; I cannot really go in to how much it means to see them grow along their trajectory that they are on. They are shaping in to great kids. Sarah is mature beyond her years and has a razor sharp mind.

Ben is the life and soul of the gathering; singing and is farm obsessed, like Grandpa and his Dad before him.

Good work, Michael. Good work, Hannah.

We were also met by a rough faced pup called Betsy. Her face suits her name. We had been warned that she may bark a bit; but she took to me and Kathryn like we had met before.

She is a good pup with a very waggly tail.

Michael and Hannah’s family stayed up until 6pm and had to leave to get ready for Santa. I slept weird - up every hour and a bit scatty.

Christmas Day; oh, happy day - me and Dad set to work on the Turkey as the house slept and kept the kettle bubbling away for brews and the toaster was popping up toast. Kathryn got me fun things and I got Kathryn fun things.

Gifts received included everything from hi-tech toothbrushes (?) to the very bane of the teeth, chocolate itself. I feasted, I gifted, I received; it was awesome!

Dinner was the aforementioned turkey. Trimmings and pudding went with it. 3.7/5* for the turkey - but fun was had.

I ate three puddings.

I spent the afternoon sorting the transmission for the station, Harrogate Community Radio. People get a lot from the broadcast, so it is up to me to pull my weight when I am needed.

Really, really got on well with Betsy, today. She is learning a few commands and most importantly these commands are not in her native Romanian. Alison adopted the dog a few weeks ago - she is still a pup but she is a good pup.

Here is Betsy….

Betsy - Christmas 2021

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