1st W/E Of September!

Prey 2022

We had quite a packed Saturday - one I hope to tell you about. It was one Kathryn & I spent together, and I feel better about this.

It is tricky when both of us work from home to find the time to switch off and spend time together; in many ways, we are living to work, not working to live right now.

It was a good weekend, though…

After a grandpa nap mid-afternoon, we set off to North Bar for the premiere of the digital version of 122 Love Stories, as written by our friend, Rachael Halliwell.

We knew the play was a good one, but this filmed version showed us all the plot trajectories we missed out on when we were going around the immersive production.

The film did the play justice - it was a great way to spend the afternoon amongst such talented people. We sank a few pints (halves for Kathryn) and chatted with some of the most interesting people I have had the good fortune to meet. Our good friends, Jack & claire, were there and that made it.

Then I did my funny walk home and set about Pyjama’ing up for the evening.

We saw the 2022 film Prey after a light tea.

It was awesome!

I have nothing to add that the most positive review hasn’t already said, but it did the franchise credit. What blew me away was the casting - Amber Midthunder, playing Naru, was excellent as the lead, as was Dakota Beavers as her brother, playing Taabe.

The CGI was immense - the baddy in the film was colonialism; the French fur trappers were shown to be lower than the monster in the film, which struck a chord.

I have been looking into de-colonialism in my own small way, the best I can. I know I am a middle-aged white guy, so I have all the privileges, but what can I do with them to remedy the past? I guess I can’t change the past, so I aim to move into a future with greater equality. Greater empathy and greater understanding…

I am currently tuned in to Idling: A Storytime for Grown-ups. It is a monthly short story read by a great friend, Karen Thornton. She has a good voice for reading stories - well-tempered and paced with a homely Yorkshire inflexion.

So, I have done enough for the weekend and will remain pyjama’d for the rest of Sunday - ready for the working week. Despite political clouds being on the horizon, it has been a good weekend. You can find me listening to last night’s DJ mix I broadcast, as done by me…

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