I Went To Culture Hop


It has been quite a busy w/e so far - a session around Allan’s for Friday night and a heap of Radio Station admin on the Saturday - but here I am writing about Culture Hop; the Craft Beer take over of Harrogate Theatre on a Saturday night. Am I qualified to write about this? No. Did I enjoy myself? Yes! Therefore I want to write about my own expeience of Harrogate Theatre’s Culture Hop; the craft beer take-over.

Culture Hop FB Image

I will publicly state that if you want a balanced, educated point of view on beer you seek out the organiser, Rachel Auty or the writing’s of Nichola L. Bottomley. I do not know my beer, but these two women have the education to school me on what I drink …

It was not about quantity - it was about trying new beers and supporting a good cause; the Theatre. Culture Hop was a fundraiser for Harrogate Theatre and, I hope, a worthwhile one. Did it non-theatre goers through the door? Well, as someone who has not been to the theatre in (actual) years I felt that this building and the staff in it were connecting with a different community. I felt welcome … plus I will be checking out some of the more left-of-centre productions advertised in their distributed literature.

Culture Hop at Harrogate Theatre

The beers were excellent and well kept - there was a friendly atmosphere that put someone with crippling social anxiety (like myself) at ease. I enjoyed it … + Beer drinking in a decadent environment = win.

It would get a bit too much for me to start listing the beers and musicians that I drank/saw - I am not that type of drinker. What I will say is that evening went smoothly. They catered to all types of drinker. My wife will be logging her beers tomorrow but I will be storing them in my memory, ready to revisit on a future occasion.

More credit to the organisers for ensuring that it went smoothly, it was a Fun’ occasion and more power to Rachel & the team for putting it on - I can’t wait until the next one! So, if you like your beer and you are not afraid of Culture then I recommend that you keep you eyes open for the next Culture Hop. If I find out about it before you do then I will be sure to post it up here; you would be missing a treat if you did not go!

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